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Marketing Plan to Sell Your Home

Thinking of selling your ChicagoLand home?  Our expertise and experience in valuation and consulting puts us "Above The Crowd" in helping you price your home competitively.  It's been said that 80% of the marketing that Realtors® do is actually done (or not done), when they price the property.  In reality it wastes everyone's time and money to market and advertise a property that is not priced competitively.  That's not to say that some sellers, particularly FSBO's, don't leave money on the table by under pricing their home, but it's overpricing we see more often.  In fact, significantly overpricing your property just to "see what happens", often results in an extended marketing period that ends up costing you money.  If you're serious about selling, please take the time to price your home competitively.

I will, in my role as a Re/Max Experts Associate,  consult with you on the most appropriate list price and marketing strategy for your specific circumstances. Being both competitive and aggressive requires some marketing strategy. I will analyze current statistics like the sales price/list price ratio in your neighborhood, days on the market, prices, price trends, competition, and develop a personalized marketing strategy for your specific property. 

What about the other 20% of the "marketing budget"?  Whether it's in print or on-line advertising, I will strategically place your property where the most potential buyers will see it.  According to the National Association of Realtors®, 9 out of 10 buyers today start their home search on the internet, so we tend to concentrate the majority of our efforts there.  In other words, NAR's data indicates that potential buyers are 900 times more likely to find your home on the internet vs. in any print media.  If an agent tells you how many newspaper ads they run as part of their marketing strategy, you should also run . . . away.

Given these trends, it's no wonder that more and more newspapers, i.e. the Chicago Sun-Times, Chicago Tribune, Pioneer Press and Daily Herald  have actually stopped printing the Real Estate Section of their paper altogether; home buyers are simply looking there less and less. Consider these statistics on newspapers:  According to The Newspaper Association of America, in 2008 newspaper ad revenues declined 17.7%.  The continued decline in newspaper ad revenues and readership basically reveals the fundamental shift in consumers' choice for the delivery of information.  The point is this: To put your listing in front of today's home buyers, your Realtor® has to have an intense and effective internet strategy, not a classified ad in the paper.

By driving your listing to over 80 of these critical web portals like,, etc., you are assured of the most intense online exposure of any real estate broker in our market.  On, for example, which is the #1 real estate web site based on traffic, all of our listings are "enhanced".  This marketing upgrade allows us to add up to 25 photos, eye-catching headlines, enhanced descriptions, open house notices, etc., making your property much more visible, more appealing and "stickier" to potential buyers.  Only a fraction of Realtors® do this because this marketing upgrade costs money.  We do it because it delivers results.

We also enhance your listing on, another of the most-searched real estate web sites that also offers a wealth of property information to potential buyers and, of course, we feature your property here on our home page.  All of our listings are marketed with virtual tours, another media component buyers look for.  Increasingly, Social Networking is also becoming an important component of effective marketing, and we are active in all the right places:  Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and many others.  We also publish several ChicagoLand Real Estate blogs that we use to publish your listing by way of viral marketing.

I also consult with you about possible ways to enhance your property's value, appeal, and/or marketability through minor staging, maintenance, repairs, etc.  Many homeowners fear this involves a big expense, but many times we can recommend the smallest of changes that results in the biggest net return to you.  Once we are prepared to put our best foot forward, we go to work and execute our specific marketing plan to get your home SOLD!

Once we're actively marketing your home, we also begin a campaign of communication with you to provide feedback on how other brokers and buyers are perceiving your property.  Our marketing strategy is not static; we routinely consult with you and review feedback and results.  Our marketing system will allow you to receive real-time, written feedback from other brokers who have shown your home, and statistical summaries of weekly internet traffic results from  This kind of research and attention to detail helps us make any necessary adjustments to our marketing strategy.

All these tools, systems and strategies should produce impressive results if they work, right?  RE/MAX  Experts ranked #1 in Buffalo Grove in 2011 based on the number of listings sold, with 125.  Our nearest competitor was at 65, which means that we list and sell more than twice as many properties as anyone else in our market!  In other words, you are more than twice as likely to sell your home with us, than with any of our competitors.  (See a comparison chart of our office vs. our local competitors, based on recent MLS data).